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Temporary Roof

We are a Temporary Roof specialist who can deliver any size of Temporary Roof option at a fraction of the price of a composite crane dependant roofing alternative.

Tailored Scaffolding’s bespoke roof build techniques will allow your project to continue without the need to worry about the weather, or having to hire a crane to get your Temporary Roof in place.

Our tried and tested Tube and Fitting roof alternative is particularly ideal for Roofing Contractors, and complete new roof projects large, and small, and as our construction methods eliminate the need for any Crane lifts.

Scaffolding With Tube

Tailored scaffolding consist of scaffold tube, boards and fittings. Scaffold tube is attached using various couplers, clamps and scaffold fittings. Unlike system scaffolds, tube and fitting systems are not prefabricated.

tailored scaffold tube is used with various types of fittings to build a braced, stable structure, with platforms (known as lifts) where scaffold boards are installed. This provides a safe, stable working platform where tradesmen can safely gain access to work from the scaffold with tools, machinery and equipment.

Access Towers Shores Handrail

Here at Tailored Scaffolding we will provide access platforms and towers for many different purposes for working at height (view the working at height regulations) from general platforms and towers for building progressive brickwork, decorating platforms and tailored scaffolding

Scaffolds For Full Redecoration

Tailored Scaffolding are very skilled and qualified with a combined experience of over 15 years in the trade. This experience and wealth of knowledge has enabled us to develop and refine our service so we can deliver a high quality tailored scaffolding service at a cost effective price.

Tailored Scaffolding prides itself on delivering a fast and tidy elevation service that is tailored to each client’s individual needs and requirements.

Here at Tailored we do understand the importance of causing minimal disruption to the premises and surrounding areas and work hard to ensure this is achieved wherever possible.

Conversions Roofing

We are proud professionals with a Innovative approach, with reliability and very competitive prices. It’s our focus on these that
have made us one of the leading supplier’s of scaffolding for the South and Commercial, Industrial and Residential clients.

Our services are consistently chosen by local councils and major companies so you can be sure that you’re working with a company you can trust.

Scaffolding Inspection Involve

We perform scheduled and tailored scaffolding inspections to monitor compliance and supplement the statutory inspections carried out by or on behalf of the client. A full written report is provided and digital photographs can be included to support our findings and recommendations.

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