About us


Tailored Scaffolding are a generation ahead in terms of State-of-the-art technology, research & development, versatility & applicability, supports-infrastructure, resources & experience, compared to other organizations in this business. We stress on effective innovation, economy, safety, speed of erection & dismantlingof scaffolding systems.

Most of our equipments are manufactured to international standards to maintain uniformity. In particular, Tailored Scaffolding system is considered the best in the trade. Some of the other innovative and highly efficient system which have been introduced by us in the market.

It is needless to say that ourĀ  Scaffolding & Scaffold Fittings etc. a large number of leading construction organizations in overseas countries are already using our equipments. We also have well-equipped design and engineering departments, established manufacturing facilities and good marketing and after-sales-services networks.


Site Supervision

Our team of professionally trained technicians are always ready to provide practical guidance so as to utilize our material safely and effectively. We set ourselves apart from the others by providing more practical solution on site.

Design Consultancy

Our experienced staff well assist you to identify the requirement of your project, provide you form work options, detailed designing including safety specification. Our designs are innovative, practical and techno-commercially viable an early interaction well ensure the best possible results.

Training And Demonstration

We deliver customized and per packaged safety, quality and logistics training courses for various industries.

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